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Scanning the Crowd

Far beyond business cards and more versatile than a static lead-collection machine, Scanevent is a lightweight lead retrieval and data management solution.

Scanevent equips each company with a handheld barcode scanner the size of a keychain. Attendees, exhibitors, and staff can then scan badges with personal barcodes containing all of their information. At the end of the day, the barcode scanners are uploaded to the Scanevent website. All of the leads are managed online that day or after the show. No electricity is needed for the scanner in the booth, and no tabletop scanner is needed during the lead retrieval process. This also allows ad reps to roam the floor and still collect leads outside the booth.

Scanevent has also taken the next step and is utilizing software from Scanbuy to read barcodes with most camera phones. The technology is already in use in Japan and is being used in a few shows in the United States.

Article from Exhibitor Magazine


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